• Katrina Palmer, The Time-Travelling Circus: The Recent Return of Pablo Fanque and the Electrolier, 2018, ink-jet print on floor vinyl, Perspex, headphones, sound, sound baffles, printed matter. Installation view. Photo: Kasia Kaminska.

    Katrina Palmer

    Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

    There isn’t always much to see in a Katrina Palmer installation, but there can be a lot to take in. Her artworks require attentive listening, patient reading, and a readiness to quickly and imaginatively cast one’s mind to another place and time. Though she studied sculpture at Central Saint Martin’s in London, her principal artistic medium is language: Writing, in a variety of voices, features prominently in her exhibitions, where it takes the form of wall texts, scripted soundtracks, or elliptical stories published in idiosyncratic artist’s books.

    So, for instance, in “The three stories are

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