• Lisa Holzer, The Party Sequel (Paris), 2017, polyurethane and acrylic paint on glass, ink-jet print, 43 1/2 x 34“. From the series ”The Party Sequel (Paris)," 2017.

    Lisa Holzer

    Galerie Emanuel Layr | Vienna

    This exhibition, “I come in you,” featured the combination of pictures and text for which Lisa Holzer has become well known. In total, fifteen works from two series—“The Party Sequel (Berlin)” and “The Party Sequel (Paris),” both 2017—were exhibited together with a pair of posters bearing a text with the auspicious title I cry., 2018. I USED TO CRY A LOT AT PARTIES, Holzer admits in the text, and along with her works’ titles the statement seems to sum up what the exhibition was about: parties and crying.

    And yet, was there a party at all? The “Party Sequels” are two series of large

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