• Andro Wekua, Untitled, 2018, silkscreen ink and varnish on aluminum panel, 51 × 49 1⁄4".

    Andro Wekua

    Kunsthalle Zurich

    Andro Wekua often presents his haunting collages, paintings, sculptures, and enigmatic, nonlinear films in stagelike settings. In his largest exhibition to date, “All Is Fair in Dreams and War,” the Georgian-born artist continued his multimedia approach with a mise-en-scène of imagery and objects that articulated a familiar yet strange story. The main exhibition space was filled with works that took up motifs and techniques, such as the head and body in sculpted and painted form, previously used by Wekua. The first work one saw on entering the show was Blue Hold, 2017–18, a hanging, glazed

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