• Runo Lagomarsino, We All Laughed at Christopher Columbus, 2003, single-slide projection on MDF, 18 × 10 × 16 3⁄4". Photo: Bruno Lopes.

    Runo Lagomarsino

    Galeria Avenida da Índia

    One of the works in this exhibition, Untitled (This wall has no image but it contains geography), 2011/2018, featured the Portuguese version of its subtitle, written in small letters with white pencil on a wall painted black. Geography is the theme of much of Runo Lagomarsino’s work, so it’s undoubtedly significant that this show was presented in a space—run by the Lisbon municipal council—located near many historical sites and monuments associated with Portugal’s history of colonialism and seafaring in the fifteen and sixteenth centuries. Titled “La neblina” (The Fog), and curated by

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