• Marcos Castro, El levantamiento de la Coatlicue (The Rise of the Coatlicue) (detail), 2018, acrylic and chalk on wall, dimensions variable. From “Murales temporales.”

    “Murales temporales”

    Galería Karen Huber

    What? An all-male show about mural painting? Really? I wondered if “Murales temporales” (Temporary Murals) was a deliberate effort to keep with the gentlemen-only tradition of twentieth-century Mexican muralism. But even so, I couldn’t think of a decent reason for a team of three curators (Andrea Bustillos, Karen Huber, and Alejandro Romero) to put together a show about a whole genre of painting that leaves women artists out. In any case, the show was pretty indulgent, taking muralism and its long history in Mexico and relocating it within a gallery space to question ideas of permanence, ownership,

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