• View of “Cathy Wilkes,” 2018.  Photo: Leif Anderson.

    View of “Cathy Wilkes,” 2018. Photo: Leif Anderson.

    Cathy Wilkes

    Yale Union (YU)

    How faint can a signal be and still transmit its meaning? At Yale Union, Glasgow-based artist Cathy Wilkes tested the limits of gallery-based communication with a small suite of unforthcoming images and objects that asked of their viewers fairly extreme levels of interpretive generosity. Those willing to invest in the artist’s elusive system of signification—more like an ambience of suggestion—were rewarded with a fine, almost transparent, sacramental vibration. For doubters, the experience was probably less.

    Hung along the walls of YU’s hangar-like space, low to the floor, were six

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