• View of “Laura Lima,” 2018. Photo: Isabella Matheus.

    View of “Laura Lima,” 2018. Photo: Isabella Matheus.

    Laura Lima

    Pinacoteca do Estado / Estação Pinacoteca

    On entering the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo’s vast Octagon Space, one saw multiple workstations for various activities related to clothing production: reviewing template models, cutting and sewing fabrics, displaying a garment for a fitting. Likewise, the materials and tools of the tailoring trade, from spools of thread and rolls of fabric to pincushions, scissors, and sewing machines, were everywhere. Within this setting, Laura Lima’s Alfaiataria (Tailor’s Shop), 2014/2018, brought together a group of real-life tailors and seamstresses to create made-to-measure clothes modeled on the

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