• View of “Yaminay Chaudhri,” 2018. Foreground: An Imaginary Walk on Seaview, 2015–17. Background: Narrative Interrupted, 2014.

    Yaminay Chaudhri

    Maraya Art Centre

    Drawing its title from a poem by Agha Shahid Ali, Yaminay Chaudhri’s exhibition “Rooms Are Never Finished” presented portraits of Darakhshan Township, the neighborhood in Karachi, Pakistan, where the artist grew up. Facing the Arabian Sea, the planned housing development was built in the 1980s and sits adjacent to Seaview, one of the city’s most popular public beaches. Through works in different media that together offer an itinerary throughout the area, the exhibition touched on the following issues: urban change, growth and decay, land reclamation and gentrification, and middle-class aspirations

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