• N. S. Harsha, Reclaiming the Inner Space, 2017, aluminum composite panel mirror, aluminum, acrylic paint, carved teak wood elephants, found cartons, steel hooks, pellets. Installation view. Photo: Polly Thomas.

    N. S. Harsha

    Glynn Vivian Art Gallery

    In the room-filling Sky Gazers, 2010, a mass of multicolored faces greeted us from the floor: those of a brown-bearded man, a lady in a burka, a redheaded boy, and a blonde woman. These upturned visages, painted onto the floor, were also reflected in a mirror that had been fitted into the ceiling over our heads. So, as I gazed up at them, I saw myself reflected in their midst. Who was the viewer and who the viewed? N. S. Harsha’s looking-glass world contains many such curious conundrums.

    After all, the South Indian artist’s largest show in the UK to date was called “ᖷacing”—the reversed F

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