• Pepe Espaliú, El nido, (The Nest), 1993, video, color, silent, 15 minutes 20 seconds.

    Pepe Espaliú

    garcía | galería

    In 1993, at the Sonsbeek festival in Arnhem, the Netherlands, Pepe Espaliú performed an action titled El nido (The Nest). As one could see in the video documentation in this show, he walked in circles on a platform high up in a tree for eight days, taking off one piece of clothing every day until, on the last one, he was entirely naked. This was one of Espaliú’s final works. He had been diagnosed as hiv-positive three years earlier in New York, and he passed away later in 1993 in Córdoba, the Andalusian city where he was born in 1955, bringing an end to one of the most intriguing careers among

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