• Jacques Kaufmann, To Purify Space, 2018, brick, bamboo, fired clay, mirrors, 11' 9 3⁄4“ × 9' 10 1⁄8” × 9' 10 1⁄8". From the Indian Ceramics Triennale. Photo: Shine Bhola and Jawahar Kala Kendra.

    Indian Ceramics Triennale

    Jawahar Kala Kendra

    In a dimly lit room, a woman dressed in black slowly poured water from an earthenware pot. Cascading into a transparent tray, the water lapped at the walls of an exquisite miniature city painstakingly constructed of clay. This work, Evanescent Landscape—Svarglok, Jaipur, 2018, by Juree Kim, was inspired by the pink city of Jaipur and by an eighteenth-century Rajasthani miniature painting of Svarglok, the abode of the Hindu gods. Over the course of “Breaking Ground,” the inaugural Indian Ceramics Triennale, the action of the water gradually dissolved the sculpted earth, leading to the gentle

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