• Marzia Migliora, Pane di bocca (detail), 2018, dental forceps, wedding ring, 6 7⁄8 × 4 3⁄4 × 4 3⁄4". Photo: Sandro Scalia.

    Marzia Migliora

    Palazzo Branciforte

    Marzia Migliora has more than once engaged in dialogue with buildings that have a rich historical, cultural, and social resonance: Palazzo del Lavoro in Turin in 2016, Ca’ Rezzonico in Venice in 2017. Absorbing the significance of such structures, she responds with works of great emotional density and rigorous attention to detail. In this exhibition, titled “Voce del verbo avere” (Voice of the Verb to Have), she rose to the challenge presented by Palermo’s Palazzo Branciforte, a sixteenth-century edifice that, in the nineteenth century, housed the Monte dei Pegni di Santa Rosalia—a pawnshop.

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