• Jakub Jansa, Club of Opportunities Ep.5: Keeping in Line, 2018, two-channel 4K video, color, sound, 17 minutes 6 seconds. Installation view. Photo: Tomáš Souček.

    Jakub Jansa


    Prague has always been a city of the most absurd stories, from the tale of the golem—an animated anthropomorphic creature made of clay by Rabbi Loew in the sixteenth century—to Franz Kafka’s novella The Metamorphosis (1915), in which a human being turns into an insect. Storytelling and transformation are also key elements in “Club of Opportunities,” a series of performance environments the young Czech artist Jakub Jansa has been producing since 2017. To date, there have been five episodes, which have been presented in Prague, in Athens during last year’s Biennale, at Pioneer Works in New York,

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