• Francesco Vezzoli, C-CUT-Homo Ab Homine Natus (C-CUT-Man from Man Born), 2018, concrete sculpture, bronze, marble head, alabastrine chalk, egg tempera, microcrystalline wax. Installation view. Photo: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano.

    Francesco Vezzoli

    Galleria Franco Noero | Piazza Carignano

    One of Galleria Franco Noero’s two locations is right in the center of Turin, on the stately Piazza Carignano, surrounded by historic Baroque palaces that house museums, theaters, and famous restaurants. Perhaps it was precisely as a reaction to all this pomp that Francesco Vezzoli wanted to besiege one of these palaces with something vaguely indecorous. The gallery’s large windows were obscured by heavy curtains, the light from outside replaced by that emanating from a strip of red LED lights running along the baseboards and purple spotlights pointing at the stuccowork and pictorial decoration.

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