• Nida Sinnokrot, Jonah’s Whale, 2014, steel, gypsum, Styrofoam, carpet, vinyl, plastic conduit, aluminum, foam, fabric, 7' 10 1⁄2“ × 15’ 9” × 39' 4 1⁄2". Photo: Trevor Good.

    Nida Sinnokrot

    carlier | gebauer

    Split into three administrative divisions, intersected by barriers, pierced by settlements, and punctuated by rapidly erected high-rises, the West Bank is visibly dismembered terrain. Nida Sinnokrot’s solo exhibition “Expand Extract Repent Repeat” offered poignant reflections on the role of real estate in the geopolitics and economics of the region. The centerpiece of the show was the Palestinian-American artist and filmmaker’s 2014 installation Jonah’s Whale, which consists of an overseas shipping container surgically sliced into a line of eleven freestanding segments. The background to this

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