• Timur Si-Qin, Poquauhock/Mercenaria 1, 2018, 3-D-printed SLA resin, acrylic, 34 1⁄4 × 27 1⁄2 × 16 1⁄2".

    Timur Si-Qin

    Magician Space 魔金石空间

    When artists experiment with virtual reality, they often lose themselves in the medium’s overwhelming possibilities. So A New Protocol VR v.1.2, 2018, the sole VR piece in Timur Si-Qin’s “East, South, West, North,” is a pleasant surprise. Among the pieces on display in this show, it is the one that most clearly expresses the artist’s intentions, thematically and visually uniting the other works. Broadly speaking, Si-Qin is advocating for a “new spirituality” to help humanity move past a binary relationship between the human and natural worlds.

    Walking into the gallery’s back room, one sees a seat

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