• Anahita Razmi, New EastEnders— THE SPOILERS, 2018, HD video, color, sound, 5 minutes 1 second.

    Anahita Razmi

    Carbon 12

    “Take Me to Your Leader” was not an easy exhibition—even if it appeared so for all the wrong reasons. Hanging at the center of the gallery’s back wall, which was covered in vinyl wallpaper photo-printed with black-and-white Soap Opera Digest covers, a screen displayed a short video, New EastEnders—THE TRAILER, 2018. The video introduces six characters that Anahita Razmi created for a hypothetical serial. All are played by Razmi, and all embody over-the-top stereotypes. They include the chador-cloaked Desperate Housewife; the Ching Chong CEO, wearing glasses and a shanzhai Giorgio Armani top that

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