• Antonio Cosentino, Anhalter Bahnhof, 2017, tin, 19 5⁄8 × 22 7⁄8 × 28 1⁄2". From “An Exile on Earth.”

    “An Exile on Earth”


    Two writers’ interpretations of exile define this show’s approach: those of Spanish author Juan Goytisolo (1931–2017), whose selected essays have been published in Turkish as Yeryüzünde Bir Sürgün (An Exile on Earth, 1992), and those of Tezer Özlü (1943–1986), who defined living as “the act of going.” These writers’ distinct outlooks on displacement—from movement as a personal choice to migration as a harsh social reality—manifested in the work of four artists: Antonio Cosentino, Manaf Halbouni, Hiwa K, and Zeynep Kayan.

    The Syrian-born, German-based Halbouni showed documentation of sculptural

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