• Rohini Devasher, Genetic Drift: Symbiont II—Cavum Oris Plantae (Mouth Plant), 2018, vinyl print, colored pencil, acrylic, charcoal, PanPastel, and dry pastel on wall. Photo: Anil Rane.

    Rohini Devasher

    Project 88

    Rohini Devasher, whose practice is rooted in evolutionary biology, embraces the speculative by making familiar things strange and exploring the possibilities that emerge from that. The speculative, she says, “allows many visions of the future, not bound by any form of linear progression.” The hybrid beings in her works blur the distinctions between natural and unnatural. At Devasher’s recent exhibition “Hopeful Monsters,” a strange landscape seemed to be forcing its way into the gallery through a breach in one of its walls. At once hypnotic and menacing, the site-specific wall work Genetic Drift:

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