• Rina Banerjee, A World Lost: after the original island appears, a single land mass is fractured, after population migrated, after pollution revealed itself and as cultural locations once separated did merged, after the splitting of Adam and Eve, shiva and shakti of race black and white, of culture East and West, after animals diminished, after the seas’ corals did exterminate, after this and at last imagine water evaporated ... this after Columbus found it we lost it, imagine this., 2013, mixed media. Installation view, 2018. Photo: Barbara Katus.

    Rina Banerjee

    The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum

    HERE IS A SAMPLING of the materials in one sculpture by the artist Rina Banerjee: an Anglo-Indian pedestal, a Victorian birdcage, feathers, gourds, and fractured Frozen Charlotte doll heads. The title of this work is even more intricate than its constituent parts: Her captivity was once someone’s treasure and even pleasure but she blew and flew away took root which grew, we knew this was like no other feather, a third kind of bird that perched on a vine intertwined was neither native nor her queens daughters, a peculiar other., 2011.

    Banerjee is a poet of products, a psychic medium of manufactures,

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  • Becky Suss, Bedroom (Wharton Esherick), 2018, oil on canvas, 72 × 84".

    Becky Suss

    Fleisher/Ollman Gallery

    In recent years, Becky Suss has painted the domestic spaces and personal effects of her late relatives from memory, guesswork, and fantasy, meditating on the mind’s revisionist tendencies while crafting pictorial elegies to familial and cultural histories. For her new series of interiors and object studies, Suss turned her psychological gaze to the material legacy of the celebrated American modernist artist, architect, and designer Wharton Esherick (1887–1970). During a residency at the Wharton Esherick Museum in Chester County, near Philadelphia, she rendered his historic home and studio from

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