• View of “Ad Minoliti,” 2018. Photo: Jeff Warrin

    View of “Ad Minoliti,” 2018. Photo: Jeff Warrin

    Ad Minoliti

    KADIST | San Francisco

    In the foyer of “The Feminist School of Painting,” her first institutional solo exhibition in the US, the Argentinean artist Ad Minoliti assembled a browsing library with books and zines on queer theory, posthumanism, science fiction, veganism, and antiracist education. Next to the bookshelves were twelve small works made by other designers and artists, including some chosen by those who co-facilitated the workshops that she organized during her residency at Kadist. The eclectic range of objects—including two collages by Elisabeth Wild, a T-shirt with a graphic by Jacqueline Casey, an unassembled

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