• Tao Hui, Pulsating Atom, 2019, HD video, color, sound, 14 minutes 12 seconds. Installation view. Photo: Kwan Sheung Chi.

    Tao Hui

    Edouard Malingue Gallery | Hong Kong

    In “Rhythm and Senses,” a four-part treatise divided into three rooms, Tao Hui ruminated on the relationship between the individual and the collective, as mediated through digital-display infrastructures designed to reflect the physical world. The show opened with two small holograms, Untitled (Holographic Building 01) and Untitled (Holographic Building 02) (all works 2019), depicting po-mo apartment—block facades that appear to float on black glass. Positioned on the floor nearby was Screen as Display Body, 2019, a trolley with four LED screens racked up in succession, each broadcasting a single

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