• Federico Tosi, Ariel (Spirale) (Ariel [Spiral]), 2018, concrete, glue, 39 × 35 3⁄8 × 1 3⁄8".

    Federico Tosi

    Monica De Cardenas | Milan

    Propelled by an imagination poised between tragedy and pulp fiction, Federico Tosi’s exhibition “Goodbye bye bye” proposed a journey through both space and time: not only from the immensity of the cosmos to the most profound depths of the sea, but also through the history of evolution. In the gallery’s first room, the starting point was the universe itself, which exploded in a myriad of stars and galaxies in four large drawings executed in felt-tip pen on paper. The deep blue-black of the cosmos was illuminated by flashes of indigo, red, and yellow, and was made vibrant by a dense, swarming

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