• Oscar Howe, Dance of the Heyoka, ca. 1954, watercolor on paper, 20 1⁄4 × 26 1⁄4".

    “Art for a New Understanding: Native Perspectives, 1950s to Now”

    IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

    JAUNE QUICK-TO-SEE SMITH made her multimedia collage Mischief, Indian Land Series in 1992, during the quincentennial of Christopher Columbus’s minatory arrival in North America. Mischief is titled after a print advertisement affixed to its upper-right-hand corner in which a woman resembling Betty Boop in cartoonish Native dress stands holding a Mischief Washington apple, the company’s logo emblazoned above her. The image is typical of American pop-culture portrayals of Native peoples, and Smith juxtaposes it with images of men in elaborate headdresses and photographs of the Statue of Liberty,

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