• Marguerite Humeau, Venus of Frasassi, a 10-year-old female human has ingested a rabbit’s brain, 2018, Portland stone, sound, 31 1⁄2 × 12 3⁄4 × 11".

    Marguerite Humeau

    Kunstverein in Hamburg

    he room was darkened, with ten vaguely anthropomorphic sculptures of various shapes and sizes illuminated by spotlights and scattered throughout—on plinths, on the floor, leaning against a column or wall. The sculptural and material qualities of these works—made of bronze; Portland stone; and pink, black, or brown alabaster—seemed to change with subtle variations in the light and shadows, which made their volumes both corporeal and abstract, and their surfaces fluctuate, almost as if alive.

    Marguerite Humeau’s exhibition “ECSTASIES” was a sequel to her traveling show “Birth Canal,” which debuted

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