• Simryn Gill, Naga Doodles #31–1, 2017, ink on paper, 29 1⁄2 × 55". From the series “Naga Doodles,” 2017.

    Simryn Gill

    Jhaveri Contemporary

    Simryn Gill’s recent exhibition “Soft Tissue” continued the artist’s long-standing meditation on habitation, belonging, and undesired elements. The detritus used to create the three works in the show—run-over snakes, the insides of fruits, and weeds—acted as metaphors for our relationship to land, movement, and migration.

    “Naga Doodles,” 2017, is a group of seventy-six unique, unframed, ink-on-paper relief prints made from the carcasses of snakes. At Jhaveri Contemporary, the artist presented a selection of twenty-seven of these works of various dimensions (the largest being more than ten feet

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