• Kate Newby, I screamed “i was there!!” (detail), 2019, glass panels in window frames, 9' 3⁄4“ × 47' 9 3⁄4”.

    Kate Newby

    lumber room

    In an era when the monumental has proven surprisingly ephemeral, can the ephemeral conversely have enduring power? At the Lumber Room, the New Zealand–born, New York–based artist Kate Newby brought her peripatetic art practice to Portland, Oregon, for a long-term residency and a shorter culminating show that burrows into intimate modes of perception and leaves a lingering effect. With tendrils extending into the sculptural, the conceptual, and the socially relational, Newby’s work operates on an interdisciplinary cusp, under the sign of what one might call the strongly subtle or the assertively

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