• Patricia Kaersenhout, Objects of Love and Desire: Solange Fitte-Duval, 2019, digitally printed cotton, beads, African fabrics, wooden dowel, 74 3⁄4 × 54 3⁄4".

    Patricia Kaersenhout

    Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam

    In this exhibition, the Dutch artist and activist Patricia Kaersenhout poked at the power of portraiture to both enshrine and unseat. She paired images of privileged white men—traditionally guardians of the Western historical narrative—alongside new textile works that depict accomplished women of color, whom history has overlooked or possibly wished to let be forgotten. “Objects of Love and Desire,” her title for both the show and the latter series, foregrounded the personal urgency and commitment with which she portrays her subjects, while offering the audience a sense of (overdue) celebration.

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