• Venuri Perera, I dance for , 2019. Performance view, B52 at the Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka, January 25, 2019. From left: Rebeka Dilrukshi, Hasanthi Niriella, Venuri Perera, Kanchana M. Shani. Photo: Ruvin de Silva. From Colomboscope.


    Various Venues

    This past January, the artist and raconteur Firi Rahman gave a series of informal talks in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s Galle Face Green, a seaside park flanked by the colonial-era Galle Face Hotel and the futuristic megaproject Port City Colombo. During these events, he stood in front of Taste Karaththé, 2019, a street seller’s cart he had converted into a mobile phenakistoscope display featuring animations of sharks, coral reefs, and lighthouses. Speaking in Sinhala, Tamil, English, and Malay, Rahman drew a diverse crowd. He told stories of people from his neighboring community (called Kompannavidiya,

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