• Zahoor ul Akhlaq, Radio Photo of Objects Unidentified, 1983, etching, 19 7⁄8 × 15 3⁄4”.

    Zahoor ul Akhlaq

    Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery

    We see a ghostly gray-white rendition of what looks like a page from a Mughal manuscript. The calligraphic script, a lighter shade of pale, is illegible. The mock-up of the manuscript is contained within a gray-edged white border, which is in turn framed by another gray-edged white margin. A frame within a frame, framed by another frame, the painting draws us in, only to perplex us further. Where does the work begin and its border end? Is this a finished painting or a primed canvas waiting to become one? Untitled, 1989, was one of the enigmatic canvases on view at “Persistence of Vision: Zahoor

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