• Cuoghi Corsello, Uncino (Hook), 2018, neon, transformers, cables, 5' 6 7⁄8“ × 12' 11 7⁄8”.

    Cuoghi Corsello


    Monica Cuoghi and Claudio Corsello began working together in Bologna, Italy, in the mid-1980s, and in the vibrant, creative climate of that period they soon became the city’s best-known street artists. Picking up on the hip-hop stimuli of graffiti, they moved beyond the spare and repetitive modes of street writing and invented stylized animal figures, elegantly applied to the city’s buildings and next to its railroad tracks as well as to the walls of friends’ houses. At the time, their two most famous tags, the Pea Brain goose and CK8 (a play on the Italian for cooked dog, cane cotto), were like

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