• Giovanni Ozzola, Light Blue Wall, 2018, silicone, paint, wire mesh, 84 5⁄8 × 84 5⁄8".

    Giovanni Ozzola

    Galleria Continua | San Gimignano

    The first room of Giovanni Ozzola’s recent exhibition “Octillion” contained three large, colorful paintings—Light Blue Wall, South Wall, and North Wall, all 2018. To make these works, the artist first used silicone lift an impression from the graffiti-covered walls of abandoned buildings and deserted bunkers along the coast of Tenerife, the Spanish island where he lives. After fixing the sheets of silicone onto wire mesh supports, he intervened with paint and sand, appropriating the anonymous markings, signs of the universal desire to leave a trace of one’s existence, and recontextualizing them

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