• Genti Korini, Notes from the Upperground no. 3, 2019, ink-jet print, 35 3⁄8 × 23 5⁄8".

    Genti Korini


    Despite its title, Genti Korini’s exhibition “Notes from the Upperground” had nothing to do with Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Here, the “upperground” refers to the remarkable headstones that memorialize the lives of everyday people laid to rest in the cemeteries of Tirana, Albania. Korini’s almost-life-size color photographs, sharing the same title as the exhibition (all works 2019), withhold the particularities of the departed by documenting the reverse side of each headstone. Filling the main space of Bazament (a literally underground project room struggling to give visibility to artists in Albania,

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