• Emma Hart, Give Way, 2018, ceramic, Perspex, steel, 71 1⁄4 × 59 × 42 1⁄2".

    Emma Hart

    Andrew Brownsword Gallery at the Edge

    Emma Hart’s “BANGER,” a presentation of works commissioned in 2018 for Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket Gallery, was a joyride through strange psychological weather. The artist has adopted the car, that mobile extension of the self, as the vehicle, so to speak, for her meditations on the ways in which we navigate our own identities and the world around us. Through a series of jump cuts and careening swerves, Hart reveals the eye as no objective reader of signs, but rather a speeding maniac—erratic and split-second impulsive.

    Four double-sided planar ceramic sculptures on steel legs stood on the floor like

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