• Lauren Burrow, Temper (detail), 2019, tempered glass, eucalyptus resin, 12' 9 1⁄2“ × 18' 3 5⁄8”.

    Lauren Burrow

    TCB art inc.

    Bad moods, vagueness, reluctance to interpolate, deanthropomorphised mouth, antidepressed fish: This 2019 piece, whose title was spelled out neatly in permanent marker on horizontal bands of toilet paper mounted high on the gallery walls, announced the key terms of Lauren Burrow’s exhibition. Titled “Nuisance Flows,” it was oriented around the scientific analysis of the effects of antidepressants, not on humans, but on fish, whose environments have become subject to pharmaceutical pollution in recent years. Around the world, antidepressants are turning up in wastewater effluent, eventually making

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