• Haris Epaminonda, Untitled #06 t/g, 2019, mirrored and lacquered wooden panel, brass, wooden panel, temple model, 27 5⁄8 × 19 3⁄4 × 20 1⁄2".

    Haris Epaminonda

    Galleria Massimo Minini

    In the last room of Haris Epaminonda’s exhibition “VOL. XXVI,” which opened this past April, a few weeks before the artist won a Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale, viewers found themselves facing the enigma of Untitled #15 t/g (all works 2019). A small vase and a slender metal structure were set atop a rectangular swath of gilded paper. A single palm leaf fluttered down from one of the metal bars. A few feet away, a white stucco panel leaned against the wall. Jutting from behind it was a snippet of an illustration from an old atlas, showing a young woman twirling on a swing on a red-figure

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