• View of “Sanaa Gateja,” 2022. Photo: Emmanuel Ekolu.

    View of “Sanaa Gateja,” 2022. Photo: Emmanuel Ekolu.

    Sanaa Gateja

    Afriart Gallery

    Sanaa Gateja is renowned for mural-scale tapestries, which he usually makes by working with more than fifty collaborators in his studio. This was not possible during the lockdowns of 2020, so he shifted to a smaller scale. The exhibition “Radical Care” gathered this new, more intimately sized work alongside a selection of freestanding sculptures and even smaller textiles in a tightly packed display recalling the density of the slums of Kampala, which house up to a million of the capital’s estimated 1.6 million inhabitants. In his “Urban” series, 2021, Gateja takes these informal settlements as

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