• View of “Daiga Grantiņa,” 2022. Photo: Otto Strazds.

    View of “Daiga Grantiņa,” 2022. Photo: Otto Strazds.

    Daiga Grantiņa

    Art Museum Riga Bourse

    Daiga Grantiņa’s works always give visceral pleasure. This was truer than ever in her recent show “Lauka telpa” (Field Space), curated by Zane Onckule at the historic Art Museum Riga Bourse. For her largest solo exhibition to date in her native Latvia, the Paris-based artist showed twelve large sculptures made over the past four years. Their elegance and scale—as well as their combination of mundane and unusual materials, textures, and colors—were immediately appealing. Her works are both present and withdrawn: They slip away from any attempt to pin them to meaning or reference. The sculpture

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