Daily Drawings: Week Seven

As people around the world stay indoors to curb the spread of Covid-19, Artforum has invited artists to share a drawing—however they would like to define the word—made in self-isolation. Check back each day this week for a new work by a different artist.

Performance documentation of Senga Nengudi, In My Backyard, April 2020, 40 x 30". Photo: Sanza Pyatt Fittz. Courtesy galleries Lévy Gorvy, Sprüth Magers, and Thomas Erben, New York.

Sam Contis, Untitled, 2020, digital photographs.  I’ve been in the UK for the year and walking a lot. I started making pictures of the stiles I came across—the simple structures that allow you to pass over walls and fences. They appear as repeating forms in the landscape, marking the public rights of way over private land.

Keren Benbenisty, Blurange, 2020, ink on archival inkjet print, 12 x16 1/2".

Adam Martin, still from  DatingSim Demo, 2020, interactive visual novel game.

Johanna Unzueta, “Pendulum... Time, Equilibrium,” 2020, wood pizza paddle, dye with indigo pigment, watercolor, linen thread, nail, and wood pieces, 48 x 13 x 2".