Daily Drawings: Week Three

As people around the world stay indoors to curb the spread of Covid-19, Artforum has invited artists to share a drawing—however they would like to define the word—made in self-isolation. Check back each day this week for a new work by a different artist.

Ser Serpas, Untitled, 2020, watercolor on paper, 12 1/4 x 9".

Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin, 4/13/2020, digital photograph.Looking at my compost, I remembered reading that the visible world around us, including the mountains, rocks, trees, and stars, make up only 4 percent of the total matter and energy content of the universe. Of that 4 percent, most of it is helium and hydrogen and only 0.03 percent takes the form of heavy elements. Most of the universe is made up of dark energy that is undetectable, indeterminate, and invisible. We live in an ever-porous, imaginative world, sharing 96 percent of our boundaries with the galaxy.

Angela Ellsworth, Study of Evel, 2020, oil on board, 8 x 6". Evel Knievel keeps crashing over and over again. I listen closely for sound from the debris. I squint my eyes to see through smoke. I hear something. What I hear is not the sound of Evel.

Milano Chow, Dried flowers on my kitchen window sill and my bra, 2020.