Daily Drawings: Week Two

As people around the world stay indoors to curb the spread of Covid-19, Artforum has invited artists to share a drawing—however they would like to define the word—made in self-isolation. Check back each day this week for a new work by a different artist.

Robert Pruitt, Untitled, 2020, pencil on paper, color added with procreate on iPad, 9 x 12". This is a drawing for a small zine I am producing about origins and meeting one’s creator.

Catharine Czudej, whoopsie-daisy, 2020.  This is based on a masochist cartoon bear, part of a series of kinetic sculptures. This project began in 2015 and small scale prototypes have been realized, but for the most part the idea exists as drawings, email communications with galleries and institutions, and contracts with fabricators, some of which have closed their doors, or changed directors a few time over. The comic personalities are an amalgamation of cultural references, and the kinetic action is generally one of self destruction, in this case a very literal one.

Gene Beery, novice ventriloquist, 2020.

Katherine Bradford, Waiting in Line, 2020, gouache on paper, 13 x 14". For the time being my studio is a kitchen table in Maine where I’ve been making works on paper. Several old themes keep popping up but at this point my swimmers look like they’re social distancing when they used to just look like upright swimmers. My Supermen look fragile and in fact everyone in these current pieces has an alone together look—physically apart but bravely trying to look more together than they are.