Aftershock: Michael Rakowitz

Michael Rakowitz on the US presidential election

Artforum has invited artists to share a text, image, or video in the immediate wake of the United States presidential election and will be posting their contributions throughout the week.

Edgewater Hospital fragments, excavated 11/4/2020.

I AWOKE ON THE MORNING of Wednesday, November 4, to the news of a still-too-close-to-call election. I went for a run in my neighborhood of Edgewater, on the north side of Chicago, and on my way home, I passed by the site of the former Edgewater Hospital. Closed since the 1990s, the hospital was the birthplace of John Wayne Gacy and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Demolition of the site began in early 2017, shortly after the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Luxury apartments now sit atop the site while the debris of the hospital is strewn across an empty lot behind the eight-story residences. I picked these fragments from the rubble and brought them home, where they’ve sat in my studio ever since.