Mourning After: Wu Tsang

Mourning After: Wu Tsang on the US Presidential election

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, artists and activists have begun to respond—and prepare for future interventions.

TWO DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION I wrote and performed the following text, as a response to Zoe Leonard’s I want a president project on the High Line in New York City. My feelings haven’t changed much since then, although they are perhaps more palpable in daily interactions. As I’m traveling outside the US right now, a lot of people ask about Trump. Rather than respond to that question, I’d rather continue to talk about the things that mattered before, and will continue to matter now more than ever. To quote legendary trans activist Miss Major: “We are still fucking here.”

Wu Tsang, The system is not broken, 2016.

Wu Tsang’s films, installations, performances, and sculptures move fluidly among documentary, activism, and fiction.

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