What’s Cooking America?

Rachel Kushner on Kim Gordon’s new video

Kim Gordon.

OUT HERE IN LOS ANGELES, the volunteer army supporting Bernie Sanders has grown into something vast, extraordinarily creative, and superdiverse. Among its cadres of thousands, artist and musician Kim Gordon has rolled up her sleeves to help with phone banking, canvassing door to door, and now, with the help of director Mariko Munro and poet Elaine Kahn (full credits here), she’s got her own cooking show, Cooking with Kim, a new “semiotics” of the kitchen to demonstrate Bernie’s recipe for a better future. If Bruce Connor makes a sandwich, Kim Gordon bakes a cake, whose ingredients include Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and Student Debt Cancellation. If these are ideas born of grassroots demands and authentic desires for a livable and just world, the cake itself, I’m told, came from the bakery department at Vons. And it tasted, I’m told, just as you would expect: delicious.