SUNRISE: January 9, 2018

SUNRISE: Ariana Reines’s January column

January 9, 2018. Photo: Laurel Hayne-Miller.


            January long light
            Janus     I see you
            God of locks and doorways
            two-faced looking in Capricorn
            Capricorn like the snowy owl
            We fear heavy body collisions

            January     time of doors
            time looking back on itself
                        God of gates

                        spelt and salt

            They say when you
            walk through a door

            you can forget what
                        you came for

–Hoa Nguyen, VIOLET ENERGY INGOTS  (Wave Books, 2016)


he’s    using his phone to choke
&    kill small animals

but    I....but I

to    be free.... she protested...
she    was lying, cousin

of     explaining
Laura     Dern’s hair

subway     in which not poems
but     the idea of poetry’s been deployed

to     sell life insurance
both     a boring & morally

disquieting     thing to buy     intimating
the     entire orchestra

melting     asphalt in

you     would take it very
seriously     a Barthes an anthropologist

would     you would
you     would likewise    

tune     it out     we would   we all work
hard     smoking the steam

off     longing
you     can’t spend

fried     sacred bird    
Laura     Dern’s hair  

a     cooked
black     vein wheeling

into     the bulging bloodshot
eye   of the lotus     I’m keeping

this     left

so     they won’t complain
too     much laying it out

this     one more truthful because
more     sensual

a     room full of beautiful women in black
but     I am an actor too     she protested

see     how I dissemble in the dark   to my very
organs     even to my owen

soul     Salvador Salvador
I     think I know     he works all night

the     rest of them made alone inside the same
device     I too carry

the     single

good     reason to be combed
from     a thousand  

apposite     but dead

go     within my child
said     the parody of a guru


in     snow


now     in the door


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