SUNRISE: January 19, 2018

January 19, 2018. Photo: Ariana Reines.


Aquarius, the water-bearer, rules the ankles and the transmission of information in waves.

Sound currents; electrical currents; the seeming suddenness with which the spirit of the times commands new social orders.

Inspiration, and inspiration’s consequences.

Inspiration, and inspiration’s consequent gossamer and fiber-optic structures.

The idea of the internet and the internet itself.

Elvis Presley, “How the Web Was Woven,” 1970

Not so much the waters of Rome, but the imperial aqueducts and plumbing. 

Less the exploitation of resources than the exploitation of information. The idea of information itself…

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the Promethean planet that presided over the age of democratic revolution here on Earth, and which continues to carry the spark of wisdom, of social conscience—and the often violent transformations ushered in by that spark—in a given era’s collective consciousness. (I’ll say more about Saturn in the Aquarian mode next week—Saturn ruled Aquarius alone until the discovery of Uranus in 1781...)

Uranus is part of the negative space against which we live; the fertile silt where the lotus roots, the neglected wisdom that falls to the bottom of riverbeds and ocean floors only to be thrown up again upon dry land, with only apparent suddenness, to be tilled by the masses and irrigated to the billion outposts of our every mind through a vascular structure with all the perfections and imperfections of our times.

The process by which the unconscious becomes conscious only seems to flower suddenly.

If water, as we’ve noted earlier, represents Emotion in Astrology, then the water-bearer is the transmission system of Emotion. Thus, social networks and especially electronically-mediated social networks.

In Egypt and Babylon, Aquarius was associated with flooding: the story of Gilgamesh; the annual flooding of the Nile. In Ancient Greece, it was Ganymede, the handsome young boy whom Zeus either became an eagle or sent an eagle to abduct into service as his cup-bearer. The Egyptian god cognate with Aquarius was Hapi or Hapy, an intersex figure, blue in color, with breasts and a beard, representing both divine fertility; mystic moisture, and its judicious application on the ground. Making water in the desert. Thinking of Hapi I find myself circling back to Tiresias “with his wrinkled dugs,” as T.S. Eliot put it, the blind prophet blessed to experience sex as both a man and a woman; a memory of wetness, a whiff of humidity, carried into the airy realm in which experience is put to work for the collective, as knowledge.

The dry applications of prophecy. The idealism and patience it takes to weave a web. Generational achievements; collective traps. The “nets” of culture and social order James Joyce sought to fly “by” and fly beyond.

There is always more to be said than can be written in a single morning.

As I rooted through all the available mythology, something felt off in all of it. And then again, because Aquarius is often said to be “from” the future, I want to add, Aquarius presides over that which does not yet exist as an archetype…

The handsome cup-bearer, the emphasis (I stand by it) of the plumbing and the aqueducts over the water (or whatever substance) they transmit, electroacoustics before and beyond music, the vibration of mantra as primordial music. Special deliveries from the future; alien downloads; nonmonogamous yet eminently high-fidelity systems; the things you can only learn by being alone with your computer…

There’s so much more. See you next time.

January 19, 2018. Photo: Ariana Reines.

Ariana Reines is a poet & playwright. She astrologizes at