SUNRISE: January 24, 2018

January 24, 2018. Photo: Ariana Reines.

THE MOON entered Taurus at 8:41 AM EST squaring the Pluto-Mercury conjunction in Capricorn, forming a trine to Saturn in Capricorn, inconjunct Mars toward the end of his run through Scorpio. This is a day for forensics. The Moon attains First Quarter stage at 5:20 PM EST: this represents the first parry, or the first big question put to what you seeded at the New Moon. The seed of the Capricorn New Moon is turning and, to quote Huey Newton, “contradictions are the ruling principle of the universe:” ambition and executive capacity meet an audit both practical and spiritual today.

Dick Rickard, Ferdinand the Bull, 1938. Lover not a Fighter. See Eliott Smith; Lena Dunham <3

1. To find the smoking gun, follow the money. This is surely what Mueller is doing, just as sure as the sky heralds seeing through the rot, graft, and bullshit in the senate. Pluto-Mercury in Capricorn in a clear X-ray of the halls of power; the Moon in Taurus puts the emphasis on $, and secondarily, the Earth’s simple—and seemingly endlessly exploited—gifts.

2. The sky is lit up with questions of profit and loss, cost-benefit-analysis, actual money and who’s making it and who isn’t, and, more fundamentally, the question of value, of true values. If not the gold standard, if not cryptocurrency, if not the primary tenets of our young and swiftly rotting democracy—with a radioactive half-life to make your head spin—then what about the Taurean virtues of clean water, unraped lands, unhurried in-person friendship unmediated by multinational corporations, the luxuriant pleasure of refusing to rush, of not even knowing the meaning of rushing, the pleasure of the Earth’s simple pleasures, the notion that a real Bull market would involve a lot of slow sex and smelling flowers, not seeing red and goring matadors.

3. Try making a Venn diagram for four kinds of value this afternoon: 1. what I actually value (be honest and include the crap you wish you didn’t value), 2. what I want to value, 3. what the culture values right now, and 4. what the culture I want to live in would value. You can add circles for the scenes, subcultures, and worlds you move thru, just to add density and potential for overlap. I’ll do this today too, of course, & share with you what it brings up. This should be useful as you strategize and develop the intentions you set when the Moon was new.

See you tomorrow.

Ariana Reines is a poet & playwright. She astrologizes at