SUNRISE: January 29, 2018

January 29, 2018. Photo: Ariana Reines.

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes, Paix, 1972

fer dans notre coeur (St. John Perse, in a poem I haven’t read in a decade, which I might be misquoting, which I might have invented)

I'M THINKING ABOUT THE BLUE BLOOD that flows through the heart of the queens and kings of the jungle, the blue interiors of your body, the blue light that spreads behind your eyelids when you’ve seen too much sun. When light is suddenly thrown on you after an accustomed darkness: the blue-white of the shock. The blue haze that hovers around the Alps in real life, making them resemble old photographs of themselves: because that haze is the exact blue hue of decomposing color photographs from the 1970s. It’s a blue that’s just the billion shimmers thrown back up against the sun by all the mica in the stone up there, where the snow and permafrost have melted off. Krishna’s face. The color of lips and tattoos in Timbuktu. The berry blue of swollen orifices, chapped from love.

On Wednesday the Moon is full in Leo, eclipsed by the Sun, which throws its shadow from Aquarius, at 8:37 AM EST. It’s a Blue Moon, because it’s our second Full Moon this month, and it’s a Blood Moon, because when the Sun throws its shadow upon it the Moon’s face will appear red, and it’s a Supermoon because it will be in perigree, at its closest point to us, & thus will appear extra large in the sky. Finally, because the point of fullness & eclipse happens after sunup on the Eastern Seaboard, you’ll have to get up before dawn with me if you want to see it.

Leo rules the heart; the Moon pulls the tides, controls the flow of the menstrual cycle in mammals, and is the pilgrim power of our “natural” splendor.

What do I mean by “natural”? The Natal Moon (i.e., the position of the moon in your birth chart) indicates who you are in your magnificence, when you are simply receiving and reflecting the bounties of the universe, what you’ve been given and what flows through you, without having to prove or accomplish or earn it. Thus, your Natal Moon also indicates what you need in order to feel magnificent and total, above and below and beyond all striving.

Aquarius is technology, the future, the structures of social relating, the apparatus of group belonging. It is, as we’ve discussed, less “content” than the means by which “content” arrives to you. What does it mean that the Sun’s Aquarian shadow will cross the face of this Moon in the heart of the world? (Leo rules the heart—and the Sun rules Leo.)

Think about the ways the collective, and technology in its present incarnation, throw their shadow across your heart of hearts. Leos, though great actors and politicians, are actually terrible at insincerity. Walt Disney taught us to wish upon stars and follow our hearts: the simplest thing in the world, and easier said than done. And yet, with Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn all in Capricorn, the collective mind is in analytical, executive mode—trained on notions of true authority—while Mars, the iron in our hearts (to translate the line from the St. John Perse above), having departed Scorpio a few days ago, is now squaring Pluto from adventurous Sagittarius—pulling this twilight of the patriarchs toward an ambitious new future. Following his sojourn in Scorpio, Mars has transformed and is transforming from the God of War to the foot soldier of Matriarchy. For the planets, forever changing places, just as we do, are also consciousness itself—evolving. Uranus, in its long square to Pluto and its current square to Mercury, bespeaks an era of explosive collapse and radical transformation—but you don’t need an astrologer to tell you that. Jupiter in Scorpio’s squares both to Saturn and to Venus suggest that uncompromising truth, in matters of both sexuality and repression, of being extremely honest with yourself about your own desires, even if they’re (or rather, have up to this moment made you feel) freaky, gross, disgusting; like an asshole, or just flat-out unrealistic. Sexuality and desire are more elastic than we think. The ways we’ve been are not the ways we have to be.

The first seed planted at the New Year is almost full to bursting. The heart swells. What does it long for, and where does it find its food? How must we conjugate our need to shine, to love and be loved, with the developing global sense, on the nano level in us all, that in order to continue on this planet we must all weave our way into a social (and digital) fabric very different from the one connecting and alienating us now?

“The first seed planted at the New Year is almost full to bursting. The heart swells. What does it long for, and where does it find its food?”

January 29, 2018. Photo: Ariana Reines.

Ariana Reines is a poet & playwright. She astrologizes at