Re: Artists Only

by centiment (12.08.04 05:19 pm)

Yes, the contemporary section IS BAD !!

It doesn't compare with the upper levels. I wish I had a checklist to figure out what went so wrong, the art
was sooo forgettable, I'm having a hard time to puzzle the place up together in memory.

I remember vaguely a bunch of canvases and sculptures, like they belonged to the 70's, but being surprised by how recent a lot of the stuff
actually was.

The video room is ridiculously small and with not a bench in sight to sit on.

The best “contemporary art” was the Monet. I hope they keep it there, just so it gives a lesson to how artists can be as pretentious as they want and still comparatively glare as mediocre.

And don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Barney, but...
We expect bigger from the Moma, not filler...


Cedric Caspesyan

Re: Artists Only

by jackieou (12.08.04 09:13 pm)

um..they are from the 70's - buy your way in pyramid, so...a lot of em have literaly been waiting in line since 70 or the WTC finished up; and as it went down they dove em and started tourchering us with their tepid work; they think it's a career. All those people on the Alex Katz pics...

BACON. just blew everybody out including their kids; obviously their is a strong moral code to their work - ha ha ha.ofcourse, most are coke heads and their brains have now been super etched: the infamous lupos and need to be held aloft, when they arn't blowing away unfortunates in an attept to mob up and hold on the property that litteraly isn't for sale,,,ever (stand in line even to sue, assumig you even have a pretext; a lot of those building in lower manhatten literaly don't exist; aliens threw them up in the middle of the night; no records; and the tax record , which I have's an event...)

Re: Artists Only

by alienbarbiebaby (12.09.04 11:51 am)

Well - looks like we're going pre-renasance you guys - some people like it. Persepective is a little different, but atleat you know why all those babes go for those uglys guys - wondered why they just “poped” up all of a suden..
Oh well; this two shall pass; got my “ROME” special in at least; this is about where they shot my man Andy last cycle art; jump cur to the moby black background dollars signes. Nice try. But the Bob Bunny will not submit; commited to going where no seriouse artist has gone before (as they got shot or have a car crash...)

looken good (fuck you)

Re: Artists Only...get it?

by pigeon (12.09.04 02:00 pm)

I Poo on You

Re: Artists Only

by vinniecarozza (12.09.04 08:39 pm)

slow down centiment.

Re: Artists Only

by alienbarbiebaby (12.10.04 12:08 am)

Look - its; why they call him MISTER Phil Spctor (and, yes, I voted for Adlai Stenson) Artists and intellectuals should run the world.

Re: Artists Only

by jackieou (12.10.04 04:45 am)

look you guys - we're warming up for a little art attack; algebra 2 melt down I here - been paintig away, rather torrid, but some stuff has been poping up on the net and...I detect some pre-planning. Gonna take me a day or two: in the mean time - remember where we are coming from:

Re: Artists Only

by zipthwung (12.10.04 07:27 am)

Thinking about People, Places, and hardwood floors.


Guarana powder (nut mix), coconut milk, coconut, sweetener -honey or sugar or sweetened condensed mik, vodka or rum.

This is what you have while overlooking the white sand beach with the often black (they're serious) modern -ist sculptures.

Note to management: Fill the wading pool and heat it year round. Stock wet bar with rum drinks. Replace sand weekly.

So I am sitting with my capeta and a buzz while staring at the courtyard below and thinking about hardwood floors. Iam thinking about how 22 foot celings demonstrate comitment to the art of our time, or any time. Any time at all.

Scale it down and it could be anywhere really. What movie is it from? Wo are you? What movie are you in?

I'm James Bond in Cuba, the last bastion of modernist cars. I saw Buena Vista Social Club, so I know what's up.

Note to Ry Cooder:
You were afraid weren't you? You were fucking afraid,

A friend of mine went on a Church group outing to Cuba (legal) and a few of the group got some hookers (illegal).
My friend wasn't afraid, just perhaps not into the fantasy of third world exploitation. Or hookers in general.

“Column free space” does it for me, actually.

I am human and I need to sit on hardwood floors with the heat on impossibly high, just like everybody with steam radiators from central services.


Note to management: The air is allready stale. Get some fresheners, like in the movie Seven where Gluttony or Sloth is in bed STILL ALIVE behind a forest of pine scented air fresheners.

Hardwood floors dont smell like pinesol unless thats what you use.

Note to management:
Pinesol would be an absolute disaster.

Hardwood floors, i learned, can be made paper thin if one makes the floor level enough. They call this a VENEER.
A veneer is what you use to make something look fancy. Like marzipan. Wood veneers aren't very modern, because they aren't very streamlined (I'm prepared to defend my narrow conception of modernism, so back the fuck off). To be truly modern one must use a veneer of stainless steel. Vito Acconcci would understand.

Note to management: One would be misguided to think Modernism is still alive and well.




Re: Ho Ho Ho

by myprettypony (12.10.04 02:15 pm)

You are cordially invited to celebrate the holidays at Franklin
new home in Brooklyn's burgeoning BAM Cultural District. We're in 80
ArtsThe James E. Davis Arts Building, at 80 Hanson Place, Room
301. Refreshments from local Brooklyn businesses will be served!

Franklin Furnace's Open House bash will be held on Monday, December 20,
from 7 to 9 PM. We look forward to seeing you!

Re: Artists Only

by jackieou (12.11.04 12:23 am)

Brookyin for you FF; all that ilegal perormance art. Anyway- one of those days:

Re: Artists Only

by Jareth (12.11.04 03:44 am)

harlem is the new brooklyn.

Re: Artists Only

by Jareth (12.11.04 03:57 am)

benchs are difficult in most video situations unless the Artist put them there because they create a fixed viewing point... everything starts to read as “movie” or “tv”,

“And don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Barney, but...
We expect bigger from the Moma, not filler...”

what do you mean ? that piece in particular? its placement? or his entire oeuvres?

Re: Artists Only

by jackieou (12.11.04 02:05 pm)

benches? How about his as a coming theam:

Re: Artists only

by myprettypony (12.11.04 02:52 pm)

wherever you go there you are

Re: Artists Only

by alienbarbiebaby (12.11.04 04:01 pm)

this is my price this week:

Re: Artists Only

by joevoid (12.12.04 01:01 am)

I want Treat Williams to give me a hug.

Re: Artists Only

by alienbarbiebaby (12.12.04 11:06 am)

I don't. Not at all; no price of the city; send in a mechanic (c'est moi?) Waist that bitch.

This is all you get you guys; got five sheets this week; looping through rome (more dead fagots1) but...this is all you get for while; slip the rest to you at the most inconvinet moment.

God luck with the little jesus cults - hey! Do a mob hit for me!
A aka “absolutly n/bb”

How long must we sing this song?
How long? How long...

by Jareth (12.12.04 11:40 am)

hummm... brunch?

And the battle’s just begun
There’s many lost, but tell me who has won
The trench is dug within our hearts
And mothers, children, brothers, sisters torn apart

Sunday, bloody sunday
Sunday, bloody sunday

How long...

Re: Artists Only

by alienbarbiebaby (12.12.04 12:11 pm)

I agree, and this is a case in point: nothing; sister, upobtainable Daytona 5 times as much. Why? This one is legal - really - I bet you get papers - this is the one all those Managing Directors in the uk got and still have (and still use when the cortina is in the shop - you know, those guys with the funny slanted glasses.) Nothing; if I had money, in NY second.

Probably a scam:

Re: Artists Only

by huffman (12.16.04 05:04 am)

clap c
clap a
clap g
clap e
calp -e

Boy, you been a naughty girl you let your knickers down.

by Jam Master Jareth (12.16.04 07:53 am)

well mpp there. u are !, all in good fun, well at least we were never being borring, besides what else it there to do. trying to reaseach on the point where other people went wrong these days, some people think it is self defeating, or just a facination with the nefarious, but i don't want it to be that way. better a life time of working in private and a legacy to leave then chewed out and spat out in 15...?
yesterday they said they were just going to tattoo the company brand on me ass...

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
Of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—
And whether pigs have wings.”

Re: mpp

by myprettypony (12.16.04 12:05 pm)


Re: Artists Only

by stephenlauf (12.16.04 04:10 pm)

more like “they fucked like bunnies”

Re: Artists Only

by centiment (12.16.04 10:28 pm)

Dear Jared,

I meant that Barney deserves a major piece (I'll let you decide is size matter on that subject) in such huge institutions like Moma
or any other Contemporary Art Museum.

I'm thinking a pivotal sculptural element, such as the two car-as- hives, or that sculpture on blue turf. Where are they? Who is going to show them?

Too big for the Moma ? Or is it Moma that is too small ?

Many will think that Barney don't deserve that much place but basically I'm worried that the architectural size of the contemporary rooms at Moma will result in a curating that concentrates on small works. This means only certain artists will be advantadged by this situation, especially those from early 80's and going backward.

And yes, as it shown now, the Barney piece at Moma looks extra-terrestrial and out of context from a lot of post-conceptual works shown.

Well, there is a lot of weird combinations throughout all of the museum but....
let's just say that every “modern” levels had their share of great pieces. But the contemporary ?... I don't know. Compare every work shown there with the best these artists have done, and tell me.


Cedric Centiment Caspesyan

Re: Artists Only

by Jareth (12.16.04 11:07 pm)

@ least they have major piece on display! and it in is in context. and this is a begining not and end? size isn't everything ?
i say hope for more in the future?
write letters to the museum... i find they do get read.

Re: Artists Only

by alienbarbiebaby (12.17.04 12:38 am)

Fidel said “She's too fine”, but I think he was being ironic; secret meeting - cigar? But,he talkined around; nobel; presidential after the fact.l...I, I'm wearing crinoline and those little anklet socks, but even I say: fuck that bitch up.

The other one ain't no real jew either.

mpp? I wanna b ur...

by Jareth (12.17.04 03:21 am)

heeeee..... wll cumon swholee,

burumnn my heart on the ...