Re: Party Monster

by stephenlauf (01.12.05 08:23 pm)

operative words: “...I stayed too long anyway.”

Re: Party Monster

by Jareth (01.12.05 08:35 pm)

superduper.... footage.
images of liegh, champane and boy george how can it go wrong.

Re: Party Monster- rock/paper/scissors?

by worldsprettiestfag (01.13.05 12:28 am)

Re: Party Monster

by Jareth (01.13.05 01:59 am)

speaking of Party Monster, we recently spotted Macaulay Culkin at some small galliery between, 9th and 10th.. it was pretty good. punk.

Re: Party Monster

by Coxswain (01.13.05 02:04 am)

There was a good reason he was ‘Home Alone’
he should still be there
stop it

Re: Party Monster

by Nomad2 (01.13.05 04:30 am)

Leigh Bowery died in 1994 and it took until now to realize that m-maybe there was more than just Party.
He was an absolutely extraordinary man whose influence on “club culture” still lasts.
(But, please, f*** those musicals. )

Wake me

by iHell (01.13.05 12:14 pm)

when jarzip says something worth reading.

if it's not in google

by stephenlauf (01.13.05 12:16 pm)

it doesn't exist. I google therefore i am.

Re: Party Monster

by jackieou (01.13.05 12:20 pm)

really scarry - I have no idea why this was sent to me (and he has the finest selection of Alfa Romeo window sealing rubber in the country!!)

Re: Party Politics Monster

by iSnooze uLose (01.13.05 12:37 pm)

someone nudge the iBitch

sic me

Re: Knock Knock Monster

by iSnooze uLose (01.13.05 12:43 pm)

1: Knock knock.

2: Who's there?

1: Control Freak.

1: Now you say ‘Control Freak who?’

Re: Farty Monster

by stephenlauf (01.13.05 12:51 pm)

whatever makes you happy...

maybe you'll get a prize....

Re: Party Monster

by jackieou (01.13.05 01:16 pm)

change of pace/ so many theams (the game) repeat; when the beastie boys (bb - pre redo of skate board) bomb LES I write poetry. A little Rimboud; not gready, no one expects it and there's even a loony who insists hher nazi sympthising owl moth brough that loop in from Paris, so it slips right in; just move fast before she thinks you're making money off her.

So, out of bordom, here's another I always do just to spice things up; lucaly the que came in from always exciting LA:

What was discovered first...? < Trivial_Question > 01/13 08:49:17

The color orange,
or the fruit orange?

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or, the word or the color; the color I would guess would be the fruit (first identified) but the point is, ofcourse, the bizar fact that there a fixed number of colors. So, could it have been mixed before identified; concieved of before seen (a litlle platinic, eh?) Regularly, when painting, I sit there tranfixed convinced there must be more colors; another color with the brilliance of red, and there isn't.

Big question is, why are you asking now? How do you feel about violet today? Aesthetes sudenly intranced by the spectacle of violet, mint green and yell all lined up together...

I Poo on You

by pigeon (01.13.05 01:25 pm)

Re: Party Monster

by alienbarbiebaby (01.13.05 01:56 pm)

still slow. Location: Snata Monica - oh, think about working out payment by phone; I only go for the red/orange ones with “TEAM ROSEVELT” on the fender. It is a Bialbero:


by iReligion (01.13.05 05:02 pm)

I pigeon on u.


by iReligion (01.13.05 05:03 pm)

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by jackieou (01.14.05 01:33 am)

Who is this artist —- HELP < scottinOB > 01/13 18:55:12

Please help me identify who the artist of this piece of art is. If it turns out to be valuable I'm going to sell it on EBAY and I'll give the person that helps me out first 20% of what I make. Look at these links
and then emeil me if you know who it is at

We see people brand new people
They're something to see

by Jareth (01.14.05 08:03 am)

dude funny.. i knew “Liegh” was Art from the min. i saw it. i just think Art is ill defined as of late

Re: tsunami

by epforbrush (01.14.05 10:43 am)

should have bought a porsche

by alienbarbiebaby (01.14.05 11:32 pm)

rumor mill: Burden and Rubins resign from ucla< -_- > 01/14 16:10:23

apparently this is old news, but i just heard. any info on this? any ucla art students on here? do tell.

From Artnet News:

Last week a rumor shot through the California art world. Artists Chris Burden and Nancy Rubins (his wife) had resigned their positions as teachers
in UCLA's art department after an art student loaded a gun and fired it during an art performance in class. Apparently, Burden wanted the student to
be reprimanded, but the university administration demurred, leading to the resignations. Both the artists and the school are mum on the matter.
Burden, of course, is known for a 1971 performance piece, Shoot, in which he had
himself shot in the arm with a .22 rifle.

Anyone have a better scoop.

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Re: Party Monster

by Jareth (01.14.05 11:48 pm)

i only showed onc3 her cuz i ma dum.
but sum un in the thingy wet thier dat ucl arler and i guess went to burdens house and...
he waznt so down with the ider. and i guess ova 3 yrs go.

Re: what's good for the goose

by worldsprettiestfag (01.15.05 12:23 am)

is good for the gander?

Re: do as i say

by worldsprettiestfag (01.15.05 01:02 am)

not as i do

Re: Party Monster

by Coxswain (01.15.05 03:35 am)

emergency food source

Re: Party Monster

by mountain lion (01.15.05 01:19 pm)

woke up got outta bed
dragged the comb across my head
found my way down stairs and had
a smoke and looking up I noticed I was late
hh hh hh hh
found my coat and grabbed my hat
made the bus in seconds flat
da da dee da da da dee d da
somebody spoke and I went into a dream
ah ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh

by Jareth (01.15.05 03:01 pm)

some people never go crazy.
me, sometimes i'll lie down behind the couch
for 3 or 4 days.
they'll find me there.
it's cherub, they'll say, and
they pour wine down my throat
rub my chest
sprinkle me with oils.

then, i'll rise with a roar,
rant, rage -
curse them and the universe
as i send them scattering over the
i'll feel much better,
sit down to toast and eggs,
hum a little tune,
suddenly become as lovable as a
overfed whale.

some people never go crazy.
what truly horrible lives
they must lead.

Re: Party Monster

by alienbarbiebaby (01.15.05 03:38 pm)

Thank you. Uggle guys get all the babes; fat and old...everytime; I have even features...stuck in line...

Re: Party Monster

by penelope (01.15.05 04:26 pm)

well burden has some legal responsibility re the ucla student. when he did his piece, he took full responsibility.

similar thing happened at sfai a few years back. admin swept it all under the rug as they do so well. but i dont think any teachers punked out. that's bad for your reputation isnt it? will this harm burdens rep?

Re: Party Monster

by Jareth (01.15.05 04:44 pm)

there wasn't a stove
and we put cans of beans
in hot water in the sink
to heat them
and we read the Sunday papers
on Monday
after digging them out of the
trash cans
but somehow we managed
money for wine
and the
and the money came off
the streets
out of hock shops
out of nowhere
and all that mattered
was the next
and we drank and sang
were in and out
of drunk
car crashes
we barricaded ourselves
against the
and the other roomers
and the desk clerk
of the hotel
and it went on
and it was one of the
most wonderful times
of my

Re: Party Monster

by confusionIs nothing new (01.15.05 04:59 pm)

looks prob. true.

achedima is the WORST . fucking corporations. i feel sorry for teacher

Re: Party Monster

by penelope (01.15.05 05:55 pm)

admin needs to take the heat, do the mea culpas. if they dont/wont, what the hell are they there for? earn their salaries, wot?

Re: Party Monster Revolution

by kiesh (01.16.05 12:17 am)

Party Monster Revolution

it sounds better the second time

Re: Party Monster

by kiesh (01.16.05 12:33 am)

It doesn't really sound good at all
now does it?

Re: Party Monster

by confusionIs nothing new (01.16.05 04:30 am)

i have fun. think my freinds do 2? giggle to sleep most nights.

Re: Party Monster

by confusionIs nothing new (01.16.05 04:31 am)

admin does not give a rats ass about Art. it is a different stucture. don't stress your self out.

Re: i work for no one

by worldsprettiestfag (01.16.05 01:31 pm)

art is useless

Re: Party Monster

by penelope (01.16.05 02:12 pm)

admin does not give a rats ass about Art

perhaps, yet they are drawn to work among us. see what we need is a race of lawyers who protect us from the fundamentalists. in return we will fuck them and invite them to our parties...

Re: Party Monster

by kiesh (01.16.05 02:15 pm)

Actually, the lawyer argument is a good one.
Manet- Whistler- Degas.....
Art changes when they get involved.
What's that guy's name that
Whistler sued for slander?

Re: Party Monster

by alienbarbiebaby (01.16.05 05:11 pm)

I agree - swines before pearl (c'est moi)

Business - Reuters
Is Gold Losing the Midas Touch

Sun Jan 16,11:58 AM ET

 Business - Reuters

By Simon Johnson

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Gold is no longer the metal of choice for the adornment of the ruling class.


Rappers, hip-hop artists and youngsters copying their pop icons are gold's new poster-children and the move downmarket could hurt the gold price in the longer term, according to analyst Jessica Cross.

Cross told a recent metals conference in Sweden that her firm, Virtual Metals, had forecast that gold would stand at about $450 an ounce at the end of 2004.

Quoting from a British Web Site, she defined the modern British jewelry lover as someone who drapes their body with “hunks of worthless 9 carat gold crap.”

British “chavs” — new slang for the urban underclass — and their “bling-bling” and hip-hop U.S. cousins buy high-fashion brands of clothes but bargain basement pendants and rings.

This is putting off the traditional — and wealthy — gold buyer, according to Cross.

Some might call this snobbery but there are signs that demand for gold jewelry, which makes up around 80 percent of annual demand for gold, is waning.


While pop fashion icons have only a limited effect on the longer-term price of gold, there are other reasons to think it may fall.

Central banks — which hold big chunks of the world's 150,000 tons of gold — are sellers. Under the second European Central Bank Gold Sales Agreement which runs to 2009, the banks have said they will sell 2,500 tons of their reserves over the period.

This could depress the price of gold, Cross said, although the agreement exists to counteract volatility from unexpected sales.

Hopes that China will buy to diversify its foreign reserves are misguided, she added. The market is too illiquid.


Pessimism is not universal. War in Iraq (news - web sites), continued political uncertainty and worries about the stock market are good reasons for investors to seek a safe haven for their assets.

More recently gold has been boosted by a slump in the dollar on worries about the U.S. current account and budget deficits.

Gold has risen by nearly 60 percent since the start of 2001 and many investors don't see its rally ending any time soon.

Neither is gold's new ghetto-chic status a cause for concern. “Even when gold jewelry is used by a particular group like the bling-bling culture in the U.S., it is actually a positive dynamic for the market,” Olden said.

“I would rather it were embraced by the youth culture than that it were perceived as by people as old-fashioned.”

($1=.5330 Pound)

Re: No Sacrifice is too great

by zipthwung (01.16.05 09:48 pm)

Re: Party Monster

by Jareth (01.16.05 09:56 pm)
amazing tour huh...
5 mins to the new surreal life and counting !